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Congratulations on your decision to consider your future as a Nev's BarbieKleen Franchisee.

This profile explains how you can profit by becoming part of the Nev's BarbieKleen organisation as a Franchisee. You will own and operate your own business and at the same time receive the rewards of belonging to a well organised network.

Nev's BarbieKleen gives you the opportunity to be ...

In business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Nev's BarbieKleen is a strong solid organisation that promotes an attractive income through the efficient maintenance and cleaning of household barbeques.

In fact, a unique chance to build an ideal stress free family business would be the best way to describe this cleaning and maintenance industry opportunity! Nev's BarbieKleen gives you total freedom. It is ideal for a hard working entrepreneur, whilst at the same time it provides the ideal part time business for those retired or semi-retired. The support of Nev's BarbieKleen coupled with your own effort means the possibilities are endless!

We invite you to read the information on how you can become a Nev's BarbieKleen Franchisee.


Introduction to Franchising - a brief overview.

What is franchising?

As the old adage goes .... "Franchising is being in business for yourself, but not by yourself"

Franchising is basically a marketing tool. It is a method of marketing goods and services to the general public. In the 1994 ABS survey, the University of Southern Queensland researches manifested that in 1994, franchising was a $42.7 billion pa sector. Since then, growth has been monumental - current trends show that Franchising now turns over in excess of $81.4 billion per annum!

Why is franchising successful?

o    Franchising is a rapidly growing form of doing business that currently contributes over $80 billion per annum to the Australian Economy.

o    In 1994 there were 555 Franchisors, by 1998 693 Franchisors, with over 747 Franchisors operating in Australia in 1999. Growth has been strong & solid.

o    There are over 49,400 Franchisee businesses operating in Australia employing 553,200 people.

o    By 1997, an average growth rate of 3,733 new Franchisees per annum were joining Franchise businesses, or approximately 75% growth over the period, or simply there were over 10 new Franchises being granted somewhere in Australia every day of the year.

o    Franchising has experienced substantial success over the years. Such that over 80% of Franchisees succeed in their first 5 years of operations as compared to 80% failure of stand alone businesses. This proving to be a fundamental reason why franchising as a method of doing business will continue to grow in Australia.

•    The advantages of franchising

o    The Franchisee's lack of basic or specialist knowledge is overcome by the training program of the Franchisor.

o    The Franchisee has the incentive of owning his own business with the additional benefit of continuous assistance from the Franchisor and other Franchisees;

o    In most cases the Franchisee's business will benefit from operating under a readily identifiable name usually on a national basis;

o    The Franchisee will usually need less capital than he would if he were setting up his own business;

o    The Franchisee will have a business all set up and ready to go with systems in place and operating with a proven track record;

o    Interaction with fellow Franchisees enabling the swapping of ideas and improving operational systems in all your businesses;

o    Putting it all together. The Franchise Concept will give the Franchisee a greater chance of success then if the Franchisee was to operate independently;

o    Franchising as an industry continues to grow solidly with an average growth rate of over 14% per annum, even through one of the worst recessions in Australia in 60 years;

o    Confidence that the System works;

o    Field support by the Franchisor's operations people in ongoing operational issues and guidance;

o    Initial and ongoing training to assist the Franchisee with the operation and development of their business;


•    The future of franchising

Franchising is by no means small business anymore. It now plays a major role in contributing to the Australian Economy. It is further estimated that Franchising will go on to account for 60% or more of Australia's GDP in the late 21st Century, compared to around 3% in 1995. This is pleasing as trends show continued strong growth over the coming years as more and more people turn to franchising as a method of doing business profitably.

When investing in


Your future


You should always consider


The past



The Company

The growth of the home services industry in Australia during the past ten years has been staggering. With people having less and less time due to increased workloads, there is a reluctance to complete even the most basic household tasks.

Mowing, home cleaning, dog washing, car repair, oven cleaning, bill paying, garbage removal, cooking – a more hectic lifestyle has resulted in people being more willing to pay for services in an attempt to spend more of their valuable time with their families.

Simply, the 'Home Services' industry in Australia is enjoying amazing growth.
One night Neville Butcher had a dream. Fascinated by the growth of the home services industry, Neville realised, albeit unconsciously, that a niche existed for a new home services enterprise.

A professional, efficient national business with a local focus and total devotion to its customers; in an industry that has been previously untapped on such a scale – barbeque cleaning and maintenance.

After waking up inspired and enthused, Neville set about making this dream a reality. From then on, Nev's BarbieKleen was born, Neville combining his extensive business experience and expertise into a business that allowed him a stress free way of earning a living whilst still giving him time to spend with his family.

Months of planning allowed Neville to formulate structures and practices that would ensure that this new venture was efficient and provided a service second to none. Negotiations with corporate designers gave Nev's BarbieKleen a distinct image that allowed Nev to be noticed by all as he drove from job to job.

With this distinct image, the word spread quickly about Nev's BarbieKleen. Over time the business became more streamlined and bookings began to come through the 1-800 freecall number from all over the Gold Coast. From what started as a casual business had grown into something bigger.

Franchising was the only way to allow the business to reach its full potential. Negotiations and consultation with Australia's leading franchise consultancy firm have now resulted in Nev's BarbieKleen being available to franchise – giving you an opportunity to join a group that offers a safe and secure home based/mobile business.

Since its formation, Nev's BarbieKleen has steadily spread its coverage of its local market area using the easily recognized trademark signage on the trailer,  staff uniform and a1-800 number for central bookings. From what was initially a localised presence, Nev's BarbieKleen is currently operating successfully throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast regions with room for expansion in the  form of new territories.

Business experience and market research indicate that franchising is the most effective way of expanding Nev's BarbieKleen. Part of the strategy in 2000 and beyond will be to recruit Franchisees &/or Master Franchisees throughout Australia.

Basically, Nev's BarbieKleen was developed out of the desire to build a business which:

  • Is simple, fun, and modern;
  • Is neither capital nor labour intensive in staff numbers;
  • Has growth potential and is relatively easy to operate with sociable operating hours;
  • With application can become a financial success;

In an industry that:

  • Has low start up costs
  • Has little competition
  • Is unique and can be systemized.


Nev's BarbieKleen is a Queensland based organisation, which is responsible for the training, support and Franchise development of the franchise group. The group plans to continue to strengthen its position throughout Australia.


The Business Opportunity

Franchising is an internationally proven method of business expansion. Franchising combines the motivation of people who own their own business with credibility, experience and image of a recognised name organisation. In an ongoing relationship Nev's BarbieKleen management provide assistance and advise throughout the term of the Franchise.

Nev's BarbieKleen Franchisees own their own businesses but trade under the Nev's BarbieKleen name. Franchising will set you free to generate your own income while the business side is disciplined by the tried and proven formula that has made Nev's BarbieKleen so successful.

As a Nev's BarbieKleen Franchise operator, you will be responsible for operating your Nev's BarbieKleen franchise in your designated, protected territory. Your core activity will be the cleaning and maintenance of domestic barbeques, however there are some off-shoot areas of the business, such as the maintenance and restoration of second hand barbeques, which franchisees can sell for a handsome profit. However, the amount of services you offer is up to you. You can choose to employ other people to work the business as you handle the management and marketing sides; alternatively you can be a sole owner/operator, the franchise has been designed to give the franchisee total freedom.

A 1-800 number allows all Nev's BarbieKleen bookings to be handled by a centralised location. Bookings will be taken by head office, and if these leads are generated from your designated territory they will be referred directly to you. The use of the 1-800 number will ensure that the Nev's group gains recognition amongst consumers Australia wide, whilst also allowing you as the franchisee to spend your time actually performing Jobs as opposed to dealing with initial enquiries.

Nev's BarbieKleen Franchisees have a protected geographical territory in which to develop their customer base. It is difficult to define a typical customer, as the barbeque is an Australian icon and no backyard is complete without one. Just think of the possibilities! Nearly every Australian household has a barbeque, and the Australian public use the barbeque as a cooking tool more than any other country in the world. Never before has a group attempted to offer such a service, and with such a large base market, there are literally tens of thousands of barbeques that will need cleaning in your territory!

Expertise is not essential as extensive and ongoing support and training is provided. Although a background and/or a keen interest in customer service would be an advantage. However, more important is the desire to succeed, a confident manner, good communication skills and a willingness to work hard along with enthusiasm in what is essentially a people orientated business.

A point worth emphasising is that it has been said that the way to true success is to find a service and/or product that genuinely helps and/or provides to people that involves work you really enjoy doing. A Nev's BarbieKleen Franchise could well be that business for you!


The Franchise

A considerable advantage to a Nev's BarbieKleen Franchise is LIFESTYLE.

The investment depends upon your circumstances and there are a number of options available and these will be explained at your first meeting.

Nev's BarbieKleen depends on the success of its Franchisees, because our franchisees are the public face of the business. As a Franchisee you are the frontline of Nev's BarbieKleen, and the public's perception of the group, it's efficiency and professionalism is dependent on the actions and responsibility of the Franchisee. Relying on the success of their Franchisees means that having the right people is very important. Buying a Franchise is a serious undertaking and a decision that must be carefully weighed and certainly not rushed. That is why Nev's BarbieKleen incorporates a thorough application programme, which includes a number of screening and qualifying meetings, final selection, and a comprehensive training programme including theoretical and practical experience with an existing Franchisee in his/her territory.

Nev's BarbieKleen continually strives for the highest standard while being proud of the success of a proven system, ethical code of practice and it's membership of major Franchise associations.

They say nothing succeeds like success. We at Nev's BarbieKleen aim to successfully expand our franchise throughout Australia through successful franchisees.


The Support

Nev's BarbieKleen recognises that two of the most important elements contributing to the success of a Franchise are training and support and will provide training in the skills needed to run  your Franchise. A purely product or service based business is a thing of the past, it is not enough to purely know the service you offer, you have to tailor that service to match the customers exact needs as people are more discerning nowadays. Product knowledge, terminology, marketing, selling, business procedures and accounting records are all essential requirements in running your own business, and Nev's BarbieKleen and its franchise support team will make sure that you are provided with all the tools to make your business as easy to run as possible. Furthermore, a Nev's BarbieKleen management member will be available  to offer advice to Franchisees as required, the training doesn't stop after the initial period. Part of our dedication to you is to always be available 100% in order to help you, no matter how big or small the problem.

The system is designed for you to operate your own business with the Franchisor providing all reasonable assistance to help you establish and develop your business exclusively in a specific territory.


What to do now?

Basically, owning a Nev’s Barbiekleen Franchise requires:

An investment of capital enthusiasm and the desire to succeed in your own business

It is important before any commitment is made that potential Franchisees understand that there are no guarantees given concerning their investment. Franchisees join the NevsBarbiekleen system on the understanding that they are not buying a job. They are starting their own business within a franchise system, the success of which is largely determined by their own efforts.


How do I get more Information?

To assist you to learn more about this exciting opportunity we have prepared more detailed information including a disclosure document. However to protect the Nevs Barbiekleen system we will require you to provide us with some information about yourself  in the form of the attached questionnaire. Further documentation will not be provided until a confidential interview has been arranged and a confidentiality agreement has been completed.

Please return information to:

Nevs Barbiekleen
Head Office
6 Cormorant Cres
Peregian Beach
07 5471 3307


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