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Plates & Grills

Cleaned of built up carbon, fat & debris



Removed, inspected, cleand of obstruction to fuel ports. Tested, replaced if necessary


Under Hood

Grease Removed


All Stainless

Clean / Polished


Baked Enamel

Cleaned / Polished



Ensure optimum safe/efficient hygenic performance


Heat Displacement System

Removed for thorough clean


All Major Brands

Authorised Service Agents For:
Grand Hall

The growth of the home services in Australia during the past ten years has been staggering. With people having less and less time due to increased workloads, there is a reluctance to complete even the most basic household tasks.

Mowing, home cleaning, dog washing, car detailing, oven cleaning, bill paying, garbage removal, cooking - A more hectic lifestyle has resulted in people being more willing to pay for services in an attempt to spend more of their valuable time with their families.

Simply, the 'Home Services' industry in Australia is enjoying amazing growth.


One night Neville Butcher had a dream. Fascinated by the growth of the home-service industry, Neville realised, albeit unconciously, that a niche existed for a new home services enterprise.

A professional, efficient national business with a local focus and total devotion to its customers; in an industry that has been previously untapped on such a scale - Barbque Cleaning and Maintenace.

After waking up inspired and enthused, Neville set about making this dream a reality. From then on, Nev's BarbieKleen was born. Neville combined his extensive business experience and expertise into a business that allowed him a stress free way of earning a living whilst still giving him time to spend with his family.


Months of planning allowed Neville to formulate structures and practices that ensured his new venture was efficient and provided a service second to none. Negotiation with corporate designers gave Nev's BarbieKleen a distinct image that allowed Nev to be notived by all as he drove from job to job.

With this distinct image, the word spread quickly about Nev's BarbieKleen. Over time the business became more streamlined and bookings began to come through from all over the Gold Coast. From what started as a casual business had grown into something bigger.

Franchising was the only way to allow the business to reach its full potential. Negotiations and consultation with Australia's leading franchie and consultancy firm have now resulted in Nev's BarbieKleen being available to franchise - giving you an opportunity to join a group that offers a safe and secure home based/mobile business.

Neville sold two franchises on the Gold Coast in 2000/2002. He then began to establish himself another Franchise on the Sunshine Coast in 2004.

In March 2005 Nev decided to retire and travel, so he sold the Master Franchise and Sunshine Coast Franchise to Andrew and Peta Dunstan. Nev passed on his wealth of experience and knowledge to Andrew and Peta. After taking time to develop their understanding of the business they have established a successful business on the Sunshine Coast where demand and service has reached a point where the territory needs to be split. Andrew and Peta have undertaken a business development course and have re-established a link with Australia'a leading Franchising consultancy. Their goal is now to develop business to its full potential.

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